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Just Call Us The Office RE-FILLERS.

For some reason - EVERY MORNING- WE ....have to fill the stapler.... the paper ... and then find the remote control to the TV. In case anyone in the building was wondering .... THIS is how you fill a stapler. -- . . #MorningMAGIC #OfficeRefillers @davidloleary @sue.tabb @kendratheentertainer A post... Read More
Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Swims With Strength on 'Head Above Water'

Sometimes music is the best medicine. Head Above Water is the sixth studio album from Avril Lavigne , and to fully appreciate it you have to understand the adversity that it was born out of. The health issues and the relationship struggles that happened over the past five years for the punky pop... Read More

Parenting Other Peoples Kids... Sometimes You HAVE TO!

We started talking about the former Andover teacher Anthony Helinski who was just sent to jail for 90 days after a video that was posted to the Salem New Hampshire Police Department’s Facebook page showed him taking items including a video game consul from a KeyMaster game at the Mall at Rockingham... Read More
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Fans Want You To #Boycott7Rings

Arianators will do anything for their queen, even boycott her. Ariana Grande has embraced the #Boycott7Rings movement, an effort from fans to dethrone her current hit in favor of the up-and-coming "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored." In theory, if people stop listening to "7 Rings" and... Read More
Love Songs

YouTube's Top Love Songs and Breakup Anthems

There are few things that spike each and every Valentine's Day. Flower sales, chocolate consumption, and listening to love songs all see some extra love each and every February 14th, as the world looks to add more romance into their day. Some songs just sound better this time of year, and you know... Read More
Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines Teams With Anthropologie For Home Goods Collection

Fixer Upper fans GET EXCITED!!! According to TODAY , Joanna Gaines is teaming up with Anthropologie for what we can expect to be must-have home decor! "For me, Anthropologie has long been a source of inspiration, so this collaboration felt like a fun and natural pairing,” Gaines revealed in a... Read More