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Brian Teague Of The Greater Boston Food Bank On Morning MAGIC!

Brian Teague is the Manager of Development for the GREATER BOSTON FOOD BANK and he talked with David, Sue and Kendra this morning about the different ways that you can help families in need - during the holidays - and every day of the year. DONATE HERE TO THE HUNGRE FREE HOLIDAYS CAMPAIGN And if... Read More

David Explains Mince Meat To Sue And Kendra....

Around 186 million pies are sold each year at just grocery stores, according to the American Pie Council.... (Yes it's a real thing.) And according to this survey, the most popular pie in Massachusetts is APPLE. But Sue and Kendra wanted to know what exactly is in MINCE MEAT PIE? -- so of course,... Read More

Northeast Arc CEO JoAnn Simons on Exceptional Women

Kendra talked with JoAnn Simons, the CEO of the Northeast Arc, about the organizations commitment to helping children and adults with disabilities become full participants in the community. FOR MORE INFO OR TO DONATE, CLICK HERE ! For those heading out to shop for the holidays - maybe consider... Read More