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Listeners Share Their Funniest Pets Names!

To make David smile, we had listeners call in to share their pets unique names .... and top of that, we discovered that to create your "exotic dancer" name ... you take your first pets name + the street you grew up on. David would be Buddy Speen Sue would be Chi Chi Allen Kendra would be Mugsie... Read More

David Had To Said Goodbye To His Cat Gus....

Anyone who has lost a pet knows what David is going through.... RELATED: Cats Know Their Name and Ignore You Anyway: Study Yesterday he had to say goodbye to his cat Gus, after 16 years of unconditional love. Read More
Alex Cora

The Red Sox & Alex Cora Agree To Mutually Part Ways

Alex Cora is no longer the manager of the Red Sox. On Tuesday night, the Red Sox put out a statement saying the organization and Cora have mutually parted ways following MLB's investigation into the Astros' sign stealing scheme. On Tuesday, Astros manager A.J. Hinch was suspended a year and then... Read More