Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announces clean energy plan at International Mayors Climate Summit

June 13, 2018

On June 7, Boston hosted the International Mayors Climate Summit.

The summit, which was held at Boston University, focused on what mayors were doing in their cities to address the global problem of climate change.

As a part of the day’s events, BU professor Cutler Cleveland discussed the real difference in the cost of renewable energy and fossil fuels, explaining that the popular belief that renewable energy costs more than fossil fuels is “in the case of electricity generation…flat-out false”.

During the summit, many mayors said they would be joining together to comply with the Paris Climate Accord. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh talked about how Boston and other U.S. cities plan to comply.

The plan: Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando and Houston, among other U.S. cities, will be measuring their energy demands and getting pricing on meeting their demands with solely renewable energy. The cities will then collectively purchase renewable energy, which will help to cut the costs of purchasing on individual cities.

This announcement doubled as an open invitation for other cities to join in on their plan, before it begins later this summer.

“What we have done is, we have looked at our own internal inventory, we recognize we want to be carbon neutral, we want to lead by example,” said Austin Blackmon, Boston’s chief of environment, energy and open space, about the agreement.

The mayoral agreement not only will help cities comply with the Paris Climate Accord, but it will also comply with Mayor Walsh’s plan to ‘Greenovate’ Boston -- a section of his ‘Boston 2030’ plan that will prepare the city to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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