Chris Shine Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Blog: Day 1

October 16, 2018

Hey there from Port Canaveral Florida!

I just unpacked my 2 bags and I’m sitting on my balcony looking out over the ocean. No, that wasn’t a typo, I brought 2 pieces of luggage. What can I say I like options when it comes to outfits and shoes, but I digress. We’re just waiting to depart here onboard the gorgeous Disney Dream so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to. After a hug and picture with Captain Mickey, I made my way up the gangway to see the entire ship was decked out for Halloween. Disney does it like no one else!  The windows on the ship all have spooky cobwebs and everywhere you look you see Mickey carved pumpkins. As a matter of fact all week there are Halloween activities planned on the ship. I’m still picking out my costume for the big party! I’m either going as wizard, Prince Charming, or maybe a guy from Boston. You know I’ll just impress everyone with my accent? I’m still working on it.  

This will be the third Disney cruise I’ve been on and each one is truly spectacular. Hands down one of, if not the best vacations you’ll ever go one. By the way, that goes for families with kids, families without kids, couples, friends, guys from Boston; there’s something on board for everyone.  

Tomorrow morning we arrive in Nassau, Bahamas around 8:30 but I’ll be up nice and early. There’s nothing like waking up early on the cruise and having coffee here on the balcony as the sun comes up over the open ocean. As for now, I should go pick out an outfit to wear to the sail away celebration. There’s a big party with music and all your favorite characters as we head out to sea. I don’t want to end up wearing the same thing Goofy wore like I did last year.  So embarrassing. Then later we tonight we have dinner at Animator’s Palate, where, if you’re lucky, Crush from Finding Nemo, will show up at your table to share some gnarly tales.  

OK, I should at least pick out my shoes for the sail away celebration. I’ll let you go, but I’ll check in with you guys again tomorrow!

-  Chris Shine