Chris Shine

Disney Cruise Blog: Day 4

October 19, 2018

It was a little bit sad  waking up and realizing this is the last day of my Disney Cruise.   Oddly enough though it’s one of my favorite days because it’s a day at sea.  We don’t stop anywhere, we just drift leisurely in the sunshine and there’s nothing to see around you but blue sky with big puffy clouds, and of course, open ocean!  

I almost forgot to mention last night!  We treated ourselves to dinner at one of the two adult only restaurants here aboard the Disney Dream.  There’s Remy, a French restaurant, and Palo, the Italian one where we ate at last night.  They rival any 5 star restaurant you’d dine at in Boston.  From the service, to the elegant decor, and of course the cuisine, it’s truly outstanding.  I don’t know which was better, the prepared tableside antipasto to start, or the signature chocolate soufflé you have to order 20 minutes in advance for dessert.  It was a feast fit for a pirate with discriminating taste.

Pirates you say? Arg, matey, yes! Everyone on board last night, even the crew, was dressed up for pirate night.  See my subtle Mickey nod to Pirate night in the picture?  The coolest part is how the night finishes with Disney Cruise Line’s exclusive Buccaneer Blast Fireworks show - no other cruise line does fireworks at sea.  

As for today?  The plan is to catch a little sun this afternoon and then do some shopping in the gift shops downstairs.  I can’t come back to chilly Boston looking sun kissed without a few gifts for my family right? Plus I may find a little something for myself too?  I do love to shop, though it may not bode well for my suitcase when they weigh it at the airport.  I may need to offer a bribe of Mickey Mouse shaped, chocolate cover Rice Krispie treats.  That should buy me at least a couple pounds right?

Finally, before dinner, we’re going to see the Beauty and the Beast show in the Walt Disney Theatre.  I’ve seen video clips and I’m beyond psyched. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites! How could it not be? It’s a tale as old as time. I’ve seen a couple of other shows here, and from the theatre, to the performers and the production values it’s as good as anything you’d see on Broadway.  Truly.  Then it will be off to our last dinner -tonight we dine at Disney’s Royal Palace.

So listen, I’m a lucky guy, I got to come out here and experience all the relaxation, all the fun, and all the MAGIC of course.  Now it’s your turn.  Just make sure you get registered to win, and you’ll be one step closer to your own Disney Cruise Line family vacation for 4.

OK I need to find someone to put sunscreen on me before heading up to the sun deck! Donald just walked by, Duck that is, I don’t think he’d mind.  Thanks for taking some time to read my little online journal here, and I’ll “SEA ya real soon!”

-  Chris Shine