A 10-Year-Old Gave Her Dad A WILD Christmas List

It ranges from laundry detergent to $4,000!

November 22, 2019
christmas list

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I want to start by saying THANK YOU to this dad for sharing his 10-year-old daughter's Christmas list on social media!

I am not sure if this girl is used to getting everything she asks for or if she is just really reaching for the stars on this one, but her expections for Christmas are HIGH!

Since some of her spelling is a little off, let's break down what (I think) she is asking for. 

Her long list includes an iPhone 11, AirPods, a new MacBook Air, a real bunny, a Hydro Flask, clothes, makeup, pink Pumas, Gucci slides, a Chanel purse, perfume, essential oil, an American Girl Doll car, new shoes, earrings, jewelry, checkered Vans, a GoPro, pink duct tape, glue, food coloring, laundry detergent, clothes for the bunny, $4,000, lots of doll stuff, new sheets and cover, and an alarm clock.

She wants some practical gifts, such as laundry detergent and an alarm clock, but then jumps to Gucci slides, a Chanel purse, and my personal favorite, $4,000.

Though I think it's safe to say she won't be gifted all of these items, I respect it!