10 Best Halloween Costumes Spotted in Boston

October 30, 2019

With Salem, MA just 25 miles north of Boston, its no wonder Bostonians know how to turn up on Halloween. People were going ham Halloween weekend, and wore the best costumes I have ever seen.

There were no basic black cats walking these streets, and you can bet DIY parties were happening weeks in advance to get these costumes perfect.

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10 Best Halloween Costumes spotted in Boston

1. As Ariana Grande famously said, "This is one small step for woman. One giant leap for woman-kind."

Bought a spaceship, now call me a space cadet ------

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2. I will never drive down Route 1 the same. 

Rt 1 Icons! We placed in the costume contest -------- #halloween #halloweencostume #groupcostumes #northshore #boston #route1

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3. They all fit their roles so perfectly!

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids” ----------

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4. I think she is like the real life Jasmine. 


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5. Hey girl, I believe in you!

Yesss! It’s my favorite! Halloweeeen! ------------ Do yourself a favor and google yourself some #sweatintotheoldies (especially all you young kids who are confusing #richardsimmons with #genesimmons --), give me a few arm rolls, and help me honor this legend. #halloween

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6. "You poor simple fools thinking you can defeat me"

fall into a sleep-like death

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7. Okay, this makeup is IMPRESSIVE! 

One of the skulls I painted for @mlrmgt at the @liberty_hotel 's annual Halloween Gala

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8. One of the most accurate Spice Girls group costume I have ever seen.

People of the world, SPICE up your life✌--

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9. Purple rain, purple rainnnnnnnn

Let’s Go Crazy #prince

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10. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy UNITE!

Quick Barnacle Boy! To the Invisible BoatMobile!

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