Everything Coming To Disney Plus On November 12th

October 14, 2019

It's a BIG day for Disney fans!

The company has announced more of the movies and television shows to expect when the Disney Plus streaming service launches on November 12th. Aside from all the ones you'd expect, countless classics will be available such as Blank CheckMillion Dollar DuckFuzzbucket, and more.

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Many people have been comparing this service to many of the other streaming giants like Hulu and Netflix, but it's clear this service is vastly unique and would compliment any other streaming service you use. Disney is a content giant and their TV shows and movies are what we all grew up with, so nostalgia is a big part of all this. We are finally getting on demand access to much of their entire library, which some has only been avaialable on VHS since!

Something to look forward to is the plethora of National Geographic content! Almost their entire suite of shows will be available. Other highlights include Marvel movies, the entire Simpsons series, and the Star Wars movies.