Felicity Huffman Faces This Much Prison Time After Pleading Guilty, Possibility Of Serving NO Time

April 8, 2019

After pleading guilty we now how much potential jail time Felicity Huffman faces. 

According to her plea agreement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has indicated the sentence should fall in the 4-10 months range, but on the "lower end." The defense believes that the sentence should fall between 0-6 months.

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Despite all of this, there is still a chance that she will serve NO jail time. The prosecution also asked for 12 months of supervised release and restitution.

According to Variety, "Huffman arranged to have her daughter take the SAT at the West Hollywood Test Center, which Singer controlled. Huffman was also able to obtain extra time for her daughter to take the test. Singer admitted to hiring a proctor to correct answers on students’ exams. Huffman’s daughter got a 1420 on the test, a 400 point improvement on her PSAT result."