'Jeopardy!' Champions Don't Know Who Demi Lovato Is

November 14, 2019

There's nothing better than a simple Pop culture trivia question that stumps even the Champions of Jeopardy!

On a recent episode of the Tournament of Champions that's exactly what happened. Please note "Tournament of Champions" aka the best people from past episodes to play the games.

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Contestants were asked this $400 question: "In 2013, this actress and singer had a best seller with Staying Strong, a book of affirmations." This question was the first in the Bestselling Books category in Double Jeopardy.

Now, I get if someone couldn't answer this question just by seeing the text. If the question was "this singer had a fiery collab with Luis Fonsi" or "Sorry not sorry this singer released an incredible BOP about daddy issues" I'd immediately buzz in with "Who is Demi Lovato, Alex?" 

What's hysterical here is that the contestants didn't just get the question -- THEY GOT A PHOTO OF HER TOO! Like come on people. Watch the moment below:

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I'm not sure what I'm more mad about -- that they didn't know who Demi Lovato was or that the ONE CONTESTANT who buzzed in thought she was Selena Gomez. Talk about whiplash! 

Let's hope they keep digging up more gems from 2013 for future questions. Forget (forever) art history, geography, physics, or whatever -- basic Pop culture is clearly the weakness in this tournament!