Rob Gronkowski Dented A Brand New Lombardi Trophy At The Red Sox Home Opener

April 19, 2019

This is the least surprising story ever, but it's why we love him!

At the Red Sox Home Opener, Rob Gronkowski left a big dent in one of the shiny, brand new, fingerprint-less Lombardi trophies! How did he do so? Well, he really used it as a baseball bat. For real!

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According to Gronk Nation, here's how the story went down. They had time before Gronk threw out the first pitch while they were waiting behind the scenes. Julian Edleman is also involved in this story too because he decided to pitch to Gronk who was on an imaginary mound.

“I see Rob standing at the backdrop where they’ve been throwing with the trophy, wielding it around like he’s getting ready to swing for the fences, but I say to myself, ‘Certainly that’s just Rob having some fun. He would never hit the ball with that'...Julian’s doing the wind up, comes back to the stretch looking like there’s runners on base, and he throws it. I’m watching the ball like it’s in slow motion."

Apparently Gronk really SMASHED the ball as he went for the bunt. Now, there's a clear dinger right in one of the trophies. Check it out in the video above!

Even after reitring he's still leaving his mark on the Patriots!