Study Says Boston Has The Worst Traffic In The US....Again

March 9, 2020

This probably doesn't come as a surprise to Bostonians....

Transportation analytics company INRIX found in their study that Boston has the worst traffic in the US. In 2019, drivers in the city lost 149 hours due to traffic congestion. 

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Honestly, anyone that has to take I-93 into the city everyday could've told you that. It's almost more surprising that the 149 number wasn't higher.

Although last year the same INRIX study found that Boston drivers lost 164 hours due to traffic, so it is going down. On the world stage, Bogotá, Colombia came in as the most congested city in the world with drivers losing 191 hours, which is wild that we're only 27 hours behind the worst traffic city in the world.

In the US, Chicago came in second with 145 hours and Philadelphia was in third with 142 hours. The average hours across the country came in at 99.