That Meme of Beyoncé at the NBA Finals is Causing Serious Problems Now

June 7, 2019
Beyonce Meme Face at NBA Finals 2019.jpg

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images


We all know the Beyoncé meme that just surfaced of her having absolutely none of the woman next to her leaning over her to chat up hubby, Jay-z. Well, that lady happens to be Nicole Curran, and she's been getting death threats across social media for disrepecting the queen.

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended Game 3 of the NBA Finals and according to Vibe, the pair was seated next to Joe Lacob, majority owner of the Warriors, and his wife, Nicole Curran. When inquring about Jay-z's drink order, Curran leaned in so she could hear his response, and according to Bey's reaction, she was a bit too close for comfort. The incident lasted all of 13 seconds, but lead Curran to diasble her social accounts because of the sheer amount of death threats sent to her by crazed Beyoncé fans. 

Beyoncé, her team, and countless public figures are not in support of this harassment, as they want fans to stop "spewing hate", and to start spreading their love for Beyoncé to every human. Hopefully Curran will soon be able to ease herself back into scoail media, and we can imagine she will keep a safe distance from the BeyHive going forward.