A home with some Salem witch trials history is up for sale!

..... You know you want to live in The John Proctor House!!!!

October 15, 2018


Many may recognize the name John Proctor from learning about the Salem witch trials or watching “The Crucible,” the 1950s play turned into a popular 1996 movie in which Daniel Day-Lewis portrays Proctor.

But few may know that the Proctor family home still stands in present-day Peabody, and that home is currently up for sale. Listed at $600,000, the 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom house at 348 Lowell St. features Colonial-era charm, according to real estate agent Joseph Cipoletta, of J Barrett & Company, with many historic features intact and maintained by the Raponi family, the current owners. While the current residence definitely sits on the land Proctor and his family farmed and operated their business on, the structure could have part of the original home inside, or, perhaps, it was rebuilt on that original foundation.  Proctor was hanged on Aug. 19, 1692. Elizabeth Proctor was also condemned to death, but was spared since she was pregnant. The trials stripped the family of its wealth.

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