Introducing The "No Fumble Fanny Pack".... For Your Big Game Snacking Needs.

We are not joking... it's an actual fanny pack to hold all your chips and dip....

February 1, 2018


It's called the "No Fumble Fanny Pack." There's nothing like a spilled drink or a plate full of food making its way toward your carpet from dampening the mood a bit with a reminder of all the cleaning up you'll be doing later. Enter: Heluva Good's No Fumble Fanny Pack that keeps the fumbling on the field and out of your living room. Not only would your snacks and canned beverages be all in one place, but you'd also be able to hold them all up at the same time and still have two free hands to cook, take selfies, or even do a little touchdown dance when your team scores. Head over to to enter for a chance to win one.