Mistress Uses Couples Wedding Hashtag To Reveal Affair

August 31, 2018

The wedding between Brianna Ehland and trust-funder Cory Perlson got quite the surprise, when a woman launched an Instagram account filled with pictures claiming she’d had an affair with the groom in the months before the wedding.

The woman — a Vegas bottle waitress who goes by the name "Mayra Angel" — began posting her pictures on the account ­@a.summer.affair just hours before the ceremony, and deviously used the happy couple’s wedding hashtag on her posts and marked them with the geotag of their wedding venue, the Oheka Castle on Long Island, to make sure that their guests were aware of her supposed revelation.

The pictures have since been removed by Instagram. And despite the upheaval, the ceremony went on and the couple tied the knot.

Perlson is the son of Gary Perlson, who has made a fortune doing laundry for ritzy hotels like the Waldorf Astoria.