The Morning Shade: SNL "Aunt Becky in Jail"

April 15, 2019

You knew it was coming, the cold open on SNL finally honing in on Lori Loughlin and the college admissions scandal. The Full House actress got the full house treatment when she was played by Kate McKinnon as one of the inmates in a prison trying to determine who is craziest. Also making an appearance...Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange portrayed by Michael Keaton. He won, he was deemed the craziest inmate of them all. 

Will Wendy Williams lose millions in the divorce? Neither she nor her husband have spoken on the situation, including cheating allegations. They've been married 22 years, they have an 18-year-old son. She is worth an estimated 60 million dollars. Her husband, Kevin hunter worth 7.5 million. Wendy filed irreconcilable differences rather than something like cruelty/adultery and legal experts are saying that this route will allow them more privacy in the process. By the way, he's an executive producer on her show so that's awkward.


The Brady Bunch turns 50 this year. The kids, who aren't kids anymore, all appeared on the Today Show last week. They talked about the icon status of the show and some of their memories and then turned their attention on their new HGTV show "A Very Brady Renovation." Here's Christopher Knight, aka Peter Brady, talking about the new show. (SOUND)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, will be having a child any day now. They are keeping plans for the birth under wraps but lots of people betting on the royal baby's name and gender. If Britain’s bookmakers are to be believed, it’s definitely a girl — and Diana may well be one of her many names. So far, Diana is topping the bookmakers’ list as a front-running name with the odds at 4/1. Victoria, Alice, Grace and Elizabeth are close behind, while Albert, Arthur and James are popular guesses for a boy.

Everyone's talking about Game of Thrones this morning after last night's premiere of the final season. Well now you can live like a Lord, in a castle that was features on GOT. It was used as River Run...the home to House Tully and Catelyn Stark. It's located in Northern Ireland and the current owners are asking $620,000 for the now iconic location.​