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Backstreet Boys getting into the Tequila business... and Blue Ivy bids big!!

March 19, 2018

Blue Ivy Bids $19,000 on Art While Attending Auction With Beyoncé & Jay-Z

Show them the money! Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 6-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter threw up bids at an art auction on the tune of $19,000. They were attending the 2018 Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles, organized by Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles and her husband Richard Lawson to raise money for a non-profit art and performance complex.Blue Ivy initially bid $17,000 for an acrylic painting of a young Sidney Poitier. She then went higher at $19,000. After she raised her hand, Jay-Z jokingly tried to stop her from continuing to bid, drawing laughs. The moment was captured on camera and went viral on social media.

Kim Kardashians Will States She Must Always Be In Full Makeup

Kim Kardashian vows to always be flawless — even if she's on her death bad. She confirmed that she added a clause to her will that requests her hair, nails and makeup always be perfect even if she's out of it" and can't communicate. "I made a section that if I am so out of it that I can't even communicate, I definitely need my hair, my nails, and my makeup done. I want to look as good as possible," she said in a video for Elle. Her clarification was in response to a headline that read: "Fear Not, Kim Kardashian's Hair Will Always Be Done, Per Her Will," to which she responded, "absolutely." The comments were part of a video for Elle where the "Selfish" author read headlines about herself and her family and made them more accurate.

Backstreet Boys Getting Into The Tequila Business

After more than two decades together, the Backstreet Boys are still keeping their ambitions larger than life. During a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico, the longtime boy band revealed in an exclusive interview with Tasting Table that they're planning to start a tequila brand. The idea stemmed from the group's collective interest in the spirit made from agave and their individual preferences on the liquor's aging. "I like a good reposado or añejo," band member Kevin Richardson told Tasting Table of his (one) desire for tequila that's darker and has been aged for at least two months. "That leads us into talking about our tequila venture that we'll be coming out with," Nick Carter said. "[We] just need to find a partner here in Mexico." If all goes as planned, the Backstreet Boys will join a number of fellow boy banders who've jumped into the food and drink industry. Justin Timberlake, Jordan Knight, Nick Lachey and Donnie and Mark Wahlberg are among the many music titans from the early 1990s who've broken into the business. And, of course, they won't be the first celebrities to venture into the tequila market. Most notably, George Clooney and his business partner Randy Gerber sold their Casamigos tequila company to Diageo for a reported $1 billion in 2017.