Steve Perry Interview with Morning MAGIC

David, Sue & Kendra got to speak with music icon Steve Perry about his comeback solo album and new single!

August 16, 2018

This morning we got to talk with music icon.... best known as lead singer for Journey, as well as his incredible solo career.... STEVE PERRY!!! He is back and has a new album.. new song... and we are VERY EXCITED about it!!

Traces is an album Steve Perry thought he’d never make; he made the decision to step away from music in the late nineties when he lost his love for music.

Through his good friend, film director Patty Jenkins, Perry met Kellie Nash, a PhD in psychology who was bravely battling breast cancer. Over the next few years, Perry’s life was forever changed by the experience of falling deeply in love and losing Nash in 2012.

Lead track “No Erasin’” is a kind of an emotional homecoming. Literally speaking, it’s about a class reunion and coming back into contact with someone you haven’t seen in a long time but is metaphorically about the audiences Perry hasn’t seen in years. The name of the album is connected to the imagery on the album cover, which is connected to Perry’s life. The images represent traces of his past, and how important they all were in getting to where he is now.