There Is A Major Donut Divide Between Eagles and Pats Fans!

One Donut shop in Philly refuses to sell "Boston Creams" so one of our New England shops is giving them away for free!

January 24, 2018

There's a DONUT DIVIDE going on between Philadelphia and Boston before the Eagles and Patriots face off on Feb. 4. It escalated rather quickly, starting with donuts this morning. By the afternoon, everything from Will Smith to "cracked copper bells" were banned in a part of Boston.

If you're looking for a cream-filled donut in West Philadelphia, your options may be limited. You can thank passionate Philadelphia Eagles fans for that. Dottie's Donuts on Springfield Ave. in West Philly has announced it is no longer selling Boston cream donuts "until the Eagles win the Super Bowl." Dottie's said on Facebook no other "New England-themed" donuts will be offered until the Eagles beat the Patriots.

Here's what happened: After a West Philly donut shop announced it had pulled "Boston Cream donuts" from its menu and wouldn't sell them again until the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the owner of Donut Villa Diner decided to run a counter offer....


Donut Divide Between Philly and New England!