Trouble In Patriots Paradise?

According to new reports... Brady, Belichick and Kraft Are Not Really Getting Along....

January 5, 2018

ESPN preparing to publish a bombshell report exploring the power struggle brewing in Foxboro among Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. Apparently the claim is that Brady went to Kraft behind Belichick’s back demanding the team trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The story will highlight how the rift between Brady, Kraft and Belichick has become so severe that some Patriots personnel believe this may be the final year together for the trio in New England.


Brady has frequently aired his desire to play until he’s 45 and finish his career as a Patriot. The fact that Brady didn’t appear ready to retire any time soon led to the Patriots having to make a decision on Garoppolo’s future with the team. The Patriots ultimately traded the backup quarterback to the 49ers for only a second-round pick, leading many to question Belichick’s decision-making.

Most of the tension seems to spring from Brady’s now well-publicized relationship with Alex Guerrero, his controversial fitness guru and business partner. Guerrero worked with Brady on his book, The TB12 Method, published in September, which has faced criticism for containing pseudoscience, and worse. Guerrero, who has claimed in the past that his supplement "Supreme Greens" can cure cancer, has apparently driven a wedge between Brady, Belichick and several Patriots players who found themselves torn at the start of this season between loyalty to their quarterback and head coach. Players openly discussed with Patriots coaches, staff and trusted advisers whether to follow Brady or the team, leaving them trapped: Do we risk alienating the NFL's most powerful coach or risk alienating the NFL's most powerful quarterback?

The final piece of the triangle is Kraft, the Patriots’ owner. Kraft and Belichick met in mid-October, according to Wickersham, and Kraft ordered the head coach to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo had been Belichick’s project, the anointed successor to Brady. But Kraft reportedly told Belichick to find another quarterback in the draft. The demand apparently left Belichick “furious and demoralized.” Garoppolo was traded to the San Francisco 49ers and was lights-out in his five starts this season. “The owner was in Brady's corner.” 

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