VIDEO: An Armored Truck Spilled Thousands of Dollars on an Atlanta Highway... And Everyone Grabbed Cash!

July 11, 2019

More than a dozen drivers pulled over to scoop up some of an estimated $175,000 that blew out of a Garda truck on Interstate 285. They are asking for it to be returned. More than a dozen commuters screeched to a halt or veered off to the shoulder of the highway near the Dunwoody Road exits, the police said. They scooped up bills from the pavement and returned to their vehicles with fistfuls, and sometimes armloads, of cash.

One of them was Randrell Lewis, 26, an Uber Eats driver who was en route to Alpharetta. “I just saw a cloud full of what looked like leaves,” he said in an interview. “No, it was money. I could not believe my eyes. I am not going to lie. The first thing I did was I pulled over and started picking up some money. Everybody started pulling over and it was crazy.”

Within minutes, Mr. Lewis said, he had snatched up about $2,000 in singles, fifties and hundreds. He returned $2,094, the police said. “I just wanted to really make sure I am not going to get in trouble for this,” he said.