Woman Apologizes After Being Attacked By Jaguar While Taking A Selfie

March 11, 2019

A woman who was attacked by a jaguar at an Arizona zoo has apologized for the incident, according to a zoo spokeswoman. The woman returned to the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park following the attack and said she "feels horrible about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident," spokeswoman Kristy Morcum said. The zoo, citing witness accounts, has said the woman crossed over a barrier to get a photo and was attacked by a female jaguar.

The attack happened Saturday night....The woman was injured and required medical attention, according to the fire department. 


A glamorous travel blogging couple have been slammed for dangling precariously out of a moving train in Sri Lanka for an Instagram photo. Influencers Raquel and Miguel, from Portugal, posted the daring shot to their 200,000 followers on the social media site — and fans are calling the act “irresponsible.” The bloggers took the controversial shot while on a train that was traveling through the small town of Ella. Boyfriend Miguel can be seen kissing the forehead of Raquel as she leans her entire body out of the train and holds on by clutching the carriage’s rails. In another shot, Raquel is captured securing herself with just one hand, with the other one holding onto Miguel as he takes the shot.

The couple have claimed the train was “moving super slow” and said they “respect everyone’s opinions, but it’s not risky.” But despite their claims that the train was going slow, the photo was taken when they were traveling on a bridge, and one slip could have resulted in Raquel falling down a huge ravine.Numerous fans have commented on the photo, which has racked up nearly 40,000 likes.

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