Would You Send Your Kids To COMMON SENSE CAMP?

June 30, 2020

When Oona Hanson and her husband started running out of ideas on how to keep their two children focused -- and entertained -- during the pandemic-induced shutdown, they remembered one of their longtime jokes.

“For 10 years we've joked that our kids need a common sense camp. But after the coronavirus pandemic forced camps to cancel and parks to remain closed, the Hansons decided to turn a "total bummer summer" into an opportunity to make the Common Sense Camp a reality. Based in Los Angeles, the former high school English teacher and now parent coach created an 8 week curriculum for her son and daughter that teaches them skills that are usually common sense. In Common Sense Camp, Hanson's kids learn a lot of practical skills like reading a map, using a banking app to budget, or how to administer CPR and first aid. The camp also teaches interpersonal skills, like how to be a good friend and community member. Last week's theme was "Kitchen Confidence," in which the kids learned fundamental skills like reading a recipe and how to use different types of knives. By the end of the week, the two were able to cook a dinner for four without any help from their parents.