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Umm there's a pop-up bar based on 'The Office' ....

The Chicago bar, Replay Lincoln Park, is making dreams come true with a pop-up dedicated The Office.. The Dunder Mifflin Office Party pop-up transports fans to Scranton, where you can see Dwight's desk, take photos with life-size cutouts of Pam and Jim, and play Office-themed trivia. The bar is... Read More

Steve Perry Interview with Morning MAGIC

This morning we got to talk with music icon.... best known as lead singer for Journey, as well as his incredible solo career.... STEVE PERRY!!! He is back and has a new album.. new song... and we are VERY EXCITED about it!! Traces is an album Steve Perry thought he’d never make; he made the... Read More

Exceptional Women Interview with Polly Mendoza

On this edition of Exceptional Women, host Sue Tabb talks to the head of a non-profit that jumps into action when neighbors face a sudden life crisis. She is Polly Mendoza, the Executive Director of Neighbor Brigade. She’s here today to spread awareness, discuss the mission of the organization, and... Read More

Exceptional Women Interview with Jodi Tatiana Charles

On this edition of Exceptional Women, host Sue Tabb talks to Jodi Tatiana Charles. She is a marketing specialist, a public speaker, and most recently a first-time children’s book author. Jodi discusses her new book “It’s Just a Rug.” Her debut story is all about diversity acceptance - embracing... Read More

Sues Daughter Was Missing This Morning!

....She left the night before... didnt leave a note, and when Sue woke up at 3:30am... she was still gone. Turns out, she was "Binge Watching" shows at a friends house... hadn't slept all night .. just stayed up and watched 9 hours of TV... Read More

Almost Impossible Question Week of August 13

Monday's Question: In a recent survey, 25% of adults said THIS was the most magical moment in their life. What is it? The Answer: Getting their driver's license. Congrats to Joanie of Revere, MA for winning a 4-pack of passes to the New England Aquarium! Tuesday's Question: According to a new... Read More