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MoviePass Limits Subscription To 3 Movies Per Month

Fans were previously allowed 1 movie per day!

August 7, 2018

MoviePass is making some serious changes to their service!!

According to Huffington Post, the company will be restricting subscribers to only three movies per month "in a bid to save cash." This will go into effect on August 15th. Recently, the app was not available because the parent company couldn't afford to pay for everyone's tickets! 

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MoviePass used to allow customers to see 1 movie per day each month, so this is a serious cut back. The charge for this was a mere $9.95 a month, which is why it was so popular. Chief Executive Mitch Lowe stated that "85 percent of the app’s 3 million subscribers already see three or fewer movies a month." 

There are a lot of changes at play, so it won't be surprising if the company were to ever change the monthly price too.