An Amazing Story Of A Captain & His Gull

New Hampshire Lobsterman Forms Special Bond With Bird

September 24, 2020
Sea Gull

Matt Cardy / Getty Images


There are some stories you see, and you need to share it. Last night, Doug Meehan on Channel 5 told the story of John Makowsky, a New Hampshire lobster boat captain who has a pretty unique crewmember - a seagull.

OK. Sea gulls aren't unique in New England, but it's this one in particular. He named her Red Eye for her distinctive marking around her eye. Like clockwork, Red Eye would board John's boat Intrepid and set off to watch John grab his traps. This went on for 15 years!

But recently, John noticed something amiss with his friend, and like a good captain, he stepped in to protect his crew. You should definitely give the story a watch for yourself. It is bound to make you feel good about humanity.