Emu On The Lam In Haverhill

Big Bird Caused A Scene On Wednesday

October 1, 2020

dalamaus / iStock / Getty Images Plus


We've already had a massive 40 pound cat go loose in New Hampshire... so what's a 4 foot bird?

An Emu got its way loose in Haverhill on Wednesday morning, causing a bunch of onlookers to stop and stare and - well - let's call it what it is. It's 2020, nothing is incredibly surprising anymore. But I digress...

It took a little bit of time for Animal Control to get a handle on the flighty wild creature, but a pear tree ended up getting the Emu's interest and, while not a partridge, it made for a happy ending. The Emu is back home, safe and sound, and we all sit back wondering who else among us has a wild animal waiting to escape this year!