Kids In Southie Deliver Surprise To UPS Driver

They Had Been Seeing A Lot Of "Kevin" This Year...

October 11, 2020
UPS Driver Truck

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


With kids sticking around the house a lot more often than usual, they are getting to see the world through a new lense. Like some kids in Southie, who noticed their friendly neighborhood UPS driver Kevin.

All the online orders, all the special packages, it was Kevin showing up to the door - so much so that some of the kids thought that EVERY UPS driver was Kevin! One of the kid's parents, Heather, told WHDH "Everytime (her daughter) sees a UPS car on the road she'll start screaming 'there's Kevin, there's Kevin'"!

So, the kids, and one of their dogs, hatched a plan to surprise Kevin!

They all dressed up as Kevin! Donning their homemade brown uniforms, they burst out of a garage - to Kevin's delight!

"Oh my God, that is so awesome," shouted Kevin in a video posted by one of the kid's moms Lisa Kennedy.

Usually the saying goes "What Can Brown Do For You", but last Thursday, the kids flipped the script and reminded us what we should all strive for - a sweeter and kinder world.