Man Stalked By Cougar (The Animal Kind)

Six Minutes A Hiker Will Not Soon Forget

October 13, 2020

IPGGutenbergUKLtd / iStock / Getty Images


"Get outside," they said. "It's good for you. Experience the great outdoors."

That's exactly what a guy named Kyle probably thought when he took a stroll down a path in Utah. Along his hike, he stumbled across some Cougar cubs... cute little kitties they may be. But, where the kids play, mom isn't far behind.

And she... didn't take kindly to him.

For over six minutes, the mama Cougar slowly and methodically hunted Kyle down, backing him down the path and at times lunging toward him. Kyle, swearing so much he'd make even a Bostonian blush.

By the end, Kyle came out unscathed - except for maybe his underwear - and he is left with a story to tell.