Wicked Pissah! Boston Has WORST Traffic In The US

Do we really want to beat LA at this?!

February 12, 2019

Boston has earned yet another title...but do we want this one?!

Our city now has the WORST traffic of any city in the US. CBS Boston states "the yearly rankings by INRIX found that Boston area drivers lost an average of 164 hours each year sitting in traffic. That’s almost seven full days."

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"In Washington D.C. drivers lose about 155 hours a year; 138 hours in Chicago and Seattle; New Yorkers waste 133 hours in traffic each year; and 128 hours in Los Angeles, which is famous for its traffic backups." We always have to hear about peoplke in LA saying how AWFUL their traffic is but they came in 5th overall. 

We've all definitely spent 7 days of our lives parked on I-93 or the Pike westbound. Note that it isnot even 7 days in a lifetime -- that's per year! The study also honed in on individual roads for traffi, but Boston only got one road to make the list and you already know -- I-93 from Boston to Braintree took the 7th spot. 

This might not be the best news. At least it's another number 1 though.....right?