Christmas Tree Farm

Your Christmas Tree Could Be Filled With Bugs....

Check your tree when you bring it inside your house!

November 26, 2018

Picking out a real Christmas tree for the holiday season is a big tradition for many!

According to WCVB, you might want to take an extra look at your tree when you bring it inside this year to make sure it is not filled with bugs. These tree bugs tend to reside in the trunk and branches. 

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Here is a scary fact. "Since tree bugs go dormant during cold months, you might not notice them at first. But once the tree is inside your warm home, they'll wake up...apparently there could be up to 25,000 bugs in one Christmas tree." The last thing people want on Christmas morning is creepy crawlers everywhere.

Want to know how to avoid this issue? Lots of farms have mechanical shakers that will take care of the problem, or you can shake the tree off outside. Definitely do an additional inspection to be sure you're in the clear. 

Regardless, there's magic about having a real tree and the beautiful fragrance it brings into your home!