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Fitting Room Apologies

Chris Sue and Kendra ALL DO IT.... We go into a fitting room and always (....if something doesn't fit) feel the need to justify WHY we aren'y buying it??!! Read More
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Musical Paralysis Study Suggests Age You Stop Discovering Music

A study published by streaming service Deezer shows that people stop trying to find new music around age 28. After hitting a “peak” age of musical discovery, listeners tended to plateau and almost completely stop looking for new music. People listened to ten or more new songs per week during their... Read More
Syrup on stack of pancakes

IHOb's Name Change Inspires Hilarious Responses

IHOP… sorry… IHOb is currently in the middle of one of the most confusing yet hilarious marketing campaigns. The International House of Pancakes was so excited about the introduction of steakburgers to their menu, they decided to change their whole name. Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience... Read More

Almost Impossible Question Week of June 11

Monday's Question: Only 16% of men know how to do this. What is it? Answer: Sew a button. Congrats to Frank of Lynn for winning a 4-pack of tickets to Lake Compounce, New England's Premier Family Theme & Water Park in Bristol, CT... home to the #1 wooden roller coaster in the world, Boulder... Read More
Baby Pickles in Juice

The Pickle Slushie Has Arrived

Pickle Juice Slushes have officially arrived at your local Sonic Drive-In! Earlier this year, Sonic announced plans to put the... interesting new flavor choice on its menu. And today, June 11, the fast food chain officially welcomed the slushie to the family. Calling all pickle lovers! The Pickle... Read More