The Buttery Popcorn Debate: HOMEMADE vs MICROWAVE?

Someone burnt the popcorn in Kendra's house .. and the smell is lingering...
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Clorox Wipes, Where Are You?

Seriously, the last time we saw a Clorox wipe was March............
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The Classic TV Shows That Always Make Us Happy!

Starsky and Hutch, The Golden Girls, Gilligans Island... which classic makes you smile no matter what?
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Sues Daughter Katie and The Tree Debris She Drove Over... And Then Left It Stuck Under Her Car.

Can't say we are surprised.... Sue's daughter Katie is always full of adventure!
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Why Cant The Storm Knock Down The One Annoying Tree You WANT To Cut Down?

Don't you sometimes hope the one tree you want to cut down, IS THE ONE that gets knocked down in a storm?
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Is It Weird That David Doesnt Have A Utensil Holder On The Counter?

He wants one but his wife likes a clear counter....
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Sues Brilliant Idea: We Should All Have Mid-Life Bridal Showers!

New couch? New pots and pans? Maybe matching towels?
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What Is THAT SMELL Coming From The Fridge??

David found rotting potatoes, Kendra found leftover beans and Sue found a completely mold-encrusted onion!
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Kendra Found The Best Avocado-Saving Kitchen Hack!

We our listeners about their best "kitchen hacks" ...and wow did they respond.
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Dr Myechia Minter-Jordan on Morning MAGIC!

Sue talked with Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO for the DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and Catalyst Institute.
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