It Took Him 15 Years....David FINALLY Made Food With The Food Processor.

Well his wife bought it for him 15 years ago, and last night he finally used it.
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Bostons NAACP President Tanisha Sullivan on Exceptional Women!

Sue talked with Tanisha Sullivan, the president of the Boston Chapter of the NAACP about recent events and the need for social justice reform!
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Is David Becoming His Dad? Sue and Kendra Test Their Theory...

Does he mow the lawn more than once a week, Does he feel the need to fix a wobbly table everywhere he goes??
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Best Summer Job You Ever Had........

David decorated cakes, while Sue and Kendra hid behind sunglasses and boxes of gimp as camp counselors!
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Quirky Food Combos ... What Is In Kendra's Salad???!!

Well established on this show that Kendra puts strange foods together... Do you have strange food combinations too?
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Sue Tabb and the 7 Belt Purchase!

Sue took her first trip to the Mother Ship yesterday.... and bought the most random things ever!
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Sue Made The Mistake Of Checking Her Symptoms On Web MD....

Sue has back pain and now she is thinking the worst, because well, she went online.
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OMG... STOP EVERYTHING. Marshalls Is Open!!!!

Sue and Kendra are beside themselves. They just found out that the Marshalls in Newburyport is OPEN!!!
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When Your 6 Yr Old Throws Your Phone Into The Pool.... What Do You Do?!!

Kendras husband has two problems: One, his phone got thrown into the pool and Two: they no longer make "that model" ....
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Playing Hard To Get Always Works, According to the "Experts!"

Sue and Kendra share their "first meetings" with their husbands and who exactly "played hard to get!"
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