The 10 Time Movie Club: Movies We Watch Over and Over and Over...

We all have "THOSE MOVIES" ... the ones we keep watching over and over.
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Sue and Kendra Have A Huge Mosquito Problem!

What is their purpose? And how to we get rid of them?
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Free Samples Coming Back To Costco and Kendra Is Very Excited!

Do you schedule your day around WHEN the free samples are out?
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David and Sue Explain 401k's to Kendra....

Kendra has a 401k... and apparently has no idea how it works.
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Kowloon Owner Bob Wong On Morning MAGIC!

Today's the day... Kowloon opens their Car-Hop and Movie Drive-In!
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Dr Mallika Marshall on Exceptional Women!

Dr. Mallika Marshall talks with Kendra about we should be doing, and not doing, as we enter each Phase of our recovery through COVID-19!
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Could You Share Your Bathroom Habits On Social Media For $10,000?

Would you document every time you go #2 on social media ........for $10,000?? Kendra would.
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David Defending His Love For Cats!

Apparently women are less likely to swipe right on men if they're posing with a cat in their dating profiles....
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Does Anyone Care About Baseball Coming Back?

Baseball is coming back but with a lot of rules... is it worth it?
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Doing Nice Things When No One Is Looking!

Who was the last person to do something nice for you and what did they do?
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