Master Mechanic and TV Star Bogi Lateiner on Morning MAGIC!

Since everyone is driving to vacations instead of flying - are we taking care of our cars??
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Rev. Dr. Stephanie May on Morning MAGIC!

We've done Zoom meetings, Zoom reunions, Zoom schooling - what about wedding and funerals?
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Hugging Is Better Than Handshakes Anyway!

Wouldn't you rather hug someone than shake a hand that may be sweaty or sticky???
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Please Tell Us That Youre House Is A Mess Too!

David, Sue and Kendra all agree... their houses are a gigantic mess.
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Guy Walking His Dog Mistakes Elderly Man Who Is Sleeping ...For Dead

He saw an elderly man sleeping on a bench...and "thought" the man wasnt alive....
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Back to the Appointments We Go!

David had a dentist appointment yesterday, Kendras bringing her kids to the doctors today... it's all back!
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Its Tuesday and We Are Talking About Sue and Kendras Feet!

Sue and Kendra shared a little more than David wanted this morning...
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Who Is The Money Handler In Your House?

Who does the bills in your house? Apparently some couples have separate accounts? Whhhaat?!
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The Food Processor Stand Off Continues In Davids House!

Davids stand off with his wife and the food processor continues...
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Sue Is Back In The Building!!!

Well, well, well, look who showed up to work... LITERALLY.
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