Doing Nice Things When No One Is Looking!

Who was the last person to do something nice for you and what did they do?
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When It Comes To Your Burger ... Meat or "Impossible?"

When it comes to food, do you go for "the real stuff" or "reduced fat/impossible/frozen yogurt?"
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NESNs Tom Caron Talks The Future of Baseball With David Sue and Kendra

Whats the deal, is it happening? Is it not happening? Fans, no fans?
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Classic House Rules.. Did You Have These?

No playing until you finish your homework, No sweets before dinner... Limit on TV time?
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How To Make The Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!

Peanut Butter on one side or both? Grape Jelly or Raspberry Jam? Cut diagonal or straight down the middle?
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Step 2 Of Phase 2 But Still No Fitting Rooms..

Yes we can eat inside, and get a massage but we still can't try on a bathing suit or a pair of jeans..
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Today David Introduced Sue and Kendra to Henry The Ugly Big Toe.

Today we figured out why David doesn't wear flip flops or sandals....
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TAKE A LOOK At Why Everyone Is Talking About Ben Affleck’s Dunks Iced Coffee....

Ben Affleck ordered an iced coffee with A LOT OF SUGAR and everyone (including us) judging it.
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Ice Cream Trucks Are Making A Comeback!

Dylan Archambault, owner of DYLAN & PETES ICE CREAM TRUCK talked with David, Sue and Kendra!
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Dont Forget Dad... Please.

Yes Fathers Day is Sunday... dont forget about dad!
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