David and Kendra Want to Sleepover at Sues House!

Sue is always having people sleepover her house when she hosts for a holiday... so David and Kendra want to know why they havent been invited to stay the night.
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We Are Total Sandwich Snobs... When it Comes to the Cut!

How do you CUT your sandwich?
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Freetown Man Gets TV Delivered By Mistake; Police Arrest Him For Keeping It!

Freetown police officers arrested a man earlier this week after a delivery service reported that he was refusing to return a television he did not buy. The delivery service delivered 2 TVs to Nicholas Memmo's home but one of those was a mistake.The delivery service contacted police after several...
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Did Sue Tip the Appliance Guy???? FIND OUT......

Sue had the appliance guys at her house for over 2 hours. The install cost around $80..... DID SHE TIP THEM??????????
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These Are The Worst Easter Candies For Your Teeth, According To Dentists

Let's talk Easter candy shall we? Chocolate fans will be surprised to know that Hollow chocolate bunnies, peanut butter filled eggs, and creme filled chocolate eggs are all labeled 'best' candy to eat—meaning they'll do the least damage to your teeth. According to Dr. Anita Imadomwanyi, the...
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Online Petition Trying to Turn Martin Richard's Artwork Into Stamps

Martin Richard, 8, was the youngest of the 3 people killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing during the race. After he died, a picture of him that was widely circulated showed him holding up a sign he made that read, “No more hurting people. Peace.” The new stamp would have the sign printed on it...
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The Battle Over Sue Tipping the Appliance Guy!

Sue is having a washer and dryer being installed today. Should she be tipping the appliance guy? David says YES. Kendra says NO.
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2019 Boston Marathon Finish

VIDEO: Marine Running For Fallen Comrades Crawls Across Marathon Finish Line!

Micah Herndon, a 31 yr old Marine Veteran was crawling on all fours as he inched toward his goal: the Boston Marathon finish line. Despite suffering from severe cramps, he said he was committed to finishing the race “with no help” to honor the lives of three men he knew while serving in Afghanistan...
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David's Wife Comes Home Tomorrow.... After 1 Month Away!

David's wife Kathy comes home tomorrow after being away for a month.......... .....Sue and Kendra are wondering what he moved, what he threw away and what he did differently in the house that will make her mad when she walks in the door!
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Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray Talks With Morning MAGIC

Race director Dave McGillivray has run the Boston Marathon 47 times. However this year was extra special. Why, you ask? Done! 9:44pm — Dave McGillivray (@DMSE) April 16, 2019 He had triple-bypass surgery in the fall. Done! 9:44pm — Dave...
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