The Morning MAGIC Senior Shout Outs!

We continue to honor the Class of 2020 with our Morning MAGIC Senior Shout Outs!
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Josh Crowell

David Sue & Kendra Talk With NH Mail Carrier Josh Crowell About His Amazing Acts of Kindness!

Josh Crowell has delivered over 25 gift cards to 2020 graduates on his route in New Hampshire.
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inner tube

Maryland Restaurant Using Bumper Tables That Look Inner Tubes To Keep People 6 Feet Apart!

Once restaurants begin opening up for IN HOUSE dining, Fish Tales in Maryland will incorporate the "bumper tables."
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David and Sue Celebrate Anniversaries A Day Apart!

David and Sue (BOTH) Have Wedding Anniversaries this week...
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Sue's Daughter Katie Calls In On Her Last Day At UMASS!

Has Katie packed anything before Sue arrives tomorrow? ..... Not. A. Single. Thing.
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Bestselling Boston Author Ben Mezrich on Morning MAGIC!

Boston native and Bestselling Author Ben Mezrich talks with Sue and Kendra about his newest novella....
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Kendra Found Her Way To The Studio This Morning AND SHES WEARING

Everybody stop.... Kendra has put on pants that actually zipper and button!
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Honoring The Class of 2020 With The Morning MAGIC Senior Shout Outs!

Honoring the Class of 2020, with more of your Morning MAGIC Senior Shout Outs!
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David & Sue Will Be Doing "The College MOVE OUT" This Weekend!

Say a little prayer for them, they are moving their kids out of college this weekend.....
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Sue & Kendra Won Another Gracie Award for Exceptional Women!

Sue and Kendra are SO PROUD to once again take home a Gracie Award for their Public Affairs program, Exceptional Women!!
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