I Think Its Clear From Our Zoom Calls ....Kendra Does Not Dress Up.

Most people ATTEMPT to dress up a little for their "Work Zoom Calls" .... not Kendra.
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Gardening 101 With Porter Rivers Edge Garden Owner Jennifer Porter!

When can we start the tomatoes, or the lettuce, or the carrots?? Jen has the answer!
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Dr. Sean Rockett Preps David for His Tele-Health Doctors Visit Today!

David has a Tele-Health doctors visit today... and we have A LOT OF QUESTIONS!
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Sue washer

Sues Washing Machine Incident Is Hysterical!

Kendra painted.... David tended to his yard .... but Sue had a little mishap with the Washing Machine!
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Veterinarian Dr Lindsay Renzullo Talking on Morning MAGIC About How Pets are Handling This "New Normal!"

How are your pets doing while everyone is stuck at home?
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DIY In The O'Leary House: David VS The Ball Valve!

David is grabbing his tool belt and attempting to fix the furness.....
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Sue Misses Being In Her Car....

Sue is really ...REALLY missing driving in her car....
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This Bob Ross Toaster Will Put His Face On Your Toast!

Ah, The Joy of Eating!
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Dr Frank Rothwell on Morning MAGIC: "The Building Is Closed But School Is Not"

Dr Frank Rothwell talks to us about what the future holds for schools and remote learning....
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Can't Sleep? You're Not Alone.... We're All Doom Scrolling!

Have you heard of DOOM SCROLLING? I bet you're doing it every night....
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