Sunday Drives Making A Comeback!

Sunday drives with the family are making a comeback....
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Beth Israel Deaconess ICU Nurse Taylor Chace-Myers on Exceptional Women!

Sue talked with Beth Israel Deaconess ICU Nurse Taylor Chace-Myers about working the front lines during the pandemic!
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Indiana Man Mistakenly Gets $8.2 Million From Stimulus Check!

Charles Calvin shares the UNBELIEVABLE story with David, Sue & Kendra!
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Methuen High Senior and Market Basket Employee Katelyn Montgomery on Morning MAGIC!

She's a grocery store worker during a pandemic.... AND a SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL!
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Gronk Is Headed To Tampa.... With Tom!

Sorry folks... Gronk is Tampa Bay bound... with Tom Brady.
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What Do You Miss Most Right Now?

Shopping the clearance aisle, dinner with friends.... and hugging!!!
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Dr Michael Rich, of Boston Childrens,Telling Parents To Relax on Screen Time Worry!

Stop worrying about how much screen time your kids have .... so say the experts!
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The New Way to Celebrate.... A Birthday Drive By!

Happy Birthday ..... from the car!
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Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray Running 26.2 Miles Around His Neighborhood!

Today would have been the 124th Boston Marathon. That hasn't stopped Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray from running 26.2 miles THIS MORNING around his neighborhood!
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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Morning MAGIC!

Mayor Walsh talks with David, Sue and Kendra about Marathon Monday and reminds us to not let loose quite yet..
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