Are You Renovating EVERYTHING IN SIGHT .....Now That You're Home All Day?

Hmm, maybe we should redo the windows.... or the bathroom? How about the yard?
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Mask Etiquette... Mask Shaming?

Would you "Mask Shame" someone on the street?
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Have You Heard of Nurse 1-1? You Can Chat Instantly With A Healthcare Provider Right Now!

Chief Nurse Practioner Kim Liner talks with David, Sue and Kendra about the creation of Nurse 1-1 that allows patients to connect with a nurse within 10 seconds!
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Don't Worry...You Are Not A Bad Parent... We Are All Confused!

David and Sue remind Kendra that she is not the only parent feeling bad these days!
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Umm, Did You Know We Are Getting 6 Inches Of Snow Tonight?

As if we needed another punch in the face by Mother Nature!
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We May Not Be Shaking Hands Ever Again... So How Will We Say HELLO?

Eek.... Handshaking and Hugging could be a thing of the past...
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Maryland Police Reminding People To Put On Pants When Going Outside!

Police have a message for residents of one small Maryland town: PUT ON YOUR PANTS!!
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Challenge Accepted: Sue Made Her Own Butter!

We posed the question yesterday.... and Sue did it! She made butter.
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CrossFit New England Trainer Heather Bergeron on Morning MAGIC!

Cross Fit Trainer and Health Expert Heather Bergeron gives us healthy tips while being at home!
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We Might As Well Garden While We Are Home!

Well ... one things for sure... our yards will look amazing this year!
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