Why Is Everyone Making Bread and Butter?!

Doesnt is seem like everyone is making their own bread lately???
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Attention Customers: One Way Walking Here!

Have you noticed the traffic signs on the floor of every store?
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David And The Salad Dressing Incident!

David had a little salad dressing incident in the jock lounge!
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Century Bank CEO Barry Sloane on Morning MAGIC

Everyone is worried about their money and how they are going to pay their bills!
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Hmm... What To Do About The Rule Breakers At The Grocery Store...

We are all following the rules when food shopping... except some ...
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Happy Easter 2020

Easter Weekend Was Unusual This Year....

Easter weekend was very different this year...
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Rita Nieves, The Executive Director of the Boston Public Health Commission on Morning MAGIC!

David, Sue and Kendra talked with the Exec Director of the BPHC about COVID 19!
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The Silver Lining: Pollution Is Way Down!

With all the bad thats happening surrounding Coronavirus... at least pollution is down!
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Kendra's Afraid Her Kids Will Wake Up During The Show!

Kendra's husband is working this morning, which means her kids are upstairs....
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David Had His First Trip Shopping While Wearing A Mask!

.... Can you tell I'm smiling at you?
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