Sues Friend Made Cake.. So Of Course We Ate It For Breakfast

Would you eat cake for breakfast? I bet you would if you had "FANCY JEN" making you a HOMEMADE CRANBERRY ORANGE CAKE WITH CRANBERRY CURD FILLING and VANILLA BUTTERCREAM - AND SUGARED CRANBERRIES ...............You would eat it at 9am too!
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David and Sue Cant Believe Kendra Will Drive Longer Distances To Avoid Tolls

Everyone has to pay a toll somewhere on their drive .. at some point. But if you're Kendra, you will avoid them at all costs.
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Doesn't Everybody Change Out Of Work Clothes As Soon As They Get Home?!

The very minute that Sue and Kendra get into their houses, they change into "comfy clothes." David will wear his work clothes/jeans and his shoes all day until "its time to put pajamas on!" ...........whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaattt?!!!
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We Go Out To Dinner WAAAAAAY Tooo Much.......

One of our listeners will shock you when hear how many times she eats out EVERY WEEK........................
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Foods David, Sue and Kendra Will NEVER... EVER... EVER... EVER... Eat!!

We all have foods that haunted us as kids...
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Listeners Share Their Funniest Pets Names!

To make David smile, we had listeners call in to share their pets unique names .... and top of that, we discovered that to create your "exotic dancer" name ... you take your first pets name + the street you grew up on. David would be Buddy Speen Sue would be Chi Chi Allen Kendra would be Mugsie...
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David Had To Said Goodbye To His Cat Gus....

Anyone who has lost a pet knows what David is going through.... RELATED: Cats Know Their Name and Ignore You Anyway: Study Yesterday he had to say goodbye to his cat Gus, after 16 years of unconditional love.
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Actor/Writer/Director/Comedian Whitney Cummings On Exceptional Women

Kendra talked to actor, writer, producer and director, Whitney Cummings ! She’s best known for creating and starring in the NBC series “Whitney,” she also co-created and co-wrote the Emmy-nominated CBS comedy series “2 Broke Girls.” PLUS she’ll be coming to Boston this spring, headlining The Women...
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SONG LYRICS GONE WRONG: It's Kyrie Eleison NOT Kerry Ellison.

And on today's episode of "Ohhhh, THAT'S what they were saying!!!?"
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Sue is Going Bathing Suit Shopping And Shes DREADING IT!

Sue has to do something today... and it's the one thing that ALL WOMEN ABSOLUTELY DREAD.
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