David Ortiz

What To Buy At The David Ortiz Estate Sale!

This is it for Kendra, the Yard Sale queen.......
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MAGIC Listener Shares A "High School Scandal" Story That You Will Never Believe!

We Asked About High School Scandals In Your Town!
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College Students Buy A Plane Ticket....Just To Get Chick-Fil-A In The Airport!

A cross-country track team at Rensselaer Polytech in New York went to extremes to fill their Chick-fil-A craving
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wrong side of the bed

Kendra's Husband Keeps Sleeping On "HER SIDE" Of The Bed!

Everyone has "their side of the bed" ...
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Seaport Hotel Offering Free Night For Anyone Planning To Propose On Leap Day!

The Seaport Hotel is honoring LEAP DAY!
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THIS 42 yr old Zamboni Driver Wins His First NHL Game After Being Tapped As Emergency Goalie!

Saturday night brought a moment everyone in the hockey world — except the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans — could rally around: an emergency goalie victory.
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Listener Erin Gives Kendra TIPS.... On, Well, Tipping.

Longtime friend of Sue and Kendras, gives Kendra advice on HOW and WHY she should tip in the Take Out.
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What Will HANDS-FREE Mean For Everyone??

We are all obsessed with our phones...
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David and Sue Are STILL Trying To Convince Kendra To Tip In The Drive Thru!

David and Sue are still trying to convince Kendra to TIP IN THE DRIVE THRU.
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Kendra NEVER Tips In A Drive Thru ... David and Sue are Speechless.

Do you tip as you're going through the DRIVE-THRU?
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