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Foods We ONLY Buy At The Holidays!

French's Onion Rings, Stove Top Stuffing, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Mince Meat Pie...
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The Wednesday Night Before Thanksgiving.... AKA The "High School Reunion"

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a big night.... usually...
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We All Have A Favorite Spoon........Dont We?

Maybe its a favorite pan? Favorite burner on the stove?
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When It Comes To Christmas Trees in 2020: REAL or ARTIFICIAL?

Will you opt for a REAL or ARTIFICIAL Christmas Tree this year??
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GETTING TO KNOW YOU: How Many Cookbooks Does David Have?

David likes to cook.... he also likes to collect cookbooks... an obscene amount actually...
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Buckle Up Everyone: This Is Sues First Christmas As A "Dog Mom!"

David and Kendra know that she will be overdoing it with the pet gifts!
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The Case Of The Missing Morning MAGIC Ketchup Bottle.........

We like ketchup. So we bought a bottle. Apparently someone else in the building likes ketchup too...
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Kendra Shocks David and Sue With Her Masterful Trick To Hiding Holiday Spending!

How do you hide your holiday shopping from everyone - WHILE EVERYONE IS HOME???
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Davids Family Wants Him To Get An Outside Tent With Christmas Lights ..... For Thanksgiving.

Now his family is on Pinterest looking up ways to make light bulbs with chicken wire!
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Karen Nascembeni on Exceptional Women!

Sue talked with the General manager of North Shore Music Theatre about her incredible journey surviving COVID after a monthlong coma!
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