Truth Be Told: Which One Of Us Is The Liar??

Two of us are telling the truth... one of us is lying.
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Lisa Evans.... Mom of Capt America and Sudbury Native Chris Evans... Talked With David Sue and Kendra!

How did she raise such a charitable Avenger?!
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Zappos Selling Single Shoes and Mixed Size Pairs ... This Is Perfect For Kendra, Because She Has Frodo Feet.

You can now buy a single sandal or sneaker from Zappos, or even mixed size pairs of running shoes.
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Sues Sad Looking Pizza Was Dinner.. And Then Breakfast Again This Morning.

We've all had those moments looking in the fridge when we say, "Hmm I can heat that in the microwave, right?"
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Canobie Lake Park Opens Tomorrow... Chris Nicoli Gives David Sue & Kendra The Rundown!

Canobie Lake opens tomorrow... but things will be a little different!
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David and Tax Day .......Do Not Agree.

I dont know what it is about Tax Day, but it's like Kryptonite to David O'Leary..........
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What Made You Think Someone Was "Rich" When You Were A Kid?

Trampoline in the yard, an in-ground pool, trips to Disney?
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May I Borrow Your Phone?

Would you be worried about germs ...Or everything else?
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The Summer Of Shortages Has Now Reached Aluminum Cans!

Well, it was only a matter of time before we had an aluminum can shortage......
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I Bet You Dont Have As Many Subscriptions As David!

David beats all of us........
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