David's Friend Julie Has Rules For WHEN and HOW You Put Up Your Decorations!

David's friend Julie has rules for when you put up your seasonal decorations!
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The Blindfolded Apple Challenge With Our Boss Steve!

Since he owns an Apple Orchard..... we're giving our boss Steve a little taste test.
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full moon

There's A Full Moon Tonight..... Does It REALLY Make Us Crazy?

So many myths surrounding FULL MOONS... Are they real??
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Getting To Know You: How Many Batteries Does David Keep In His House "Just In Case?"

David ALWAYS has back ups of EVERYTHING ....
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At Least There Are Some Funny Tweets From The Debate....

Did you watch "The Debate?" .... Umm...
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fitting rooms

THANK GOODNESS - Fitting Rooms Are Opening Monday!

Thank the clothing gods... we will be able to try things on - this Monday!
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When It Comes To Coffee - David Never Uses A Lid.

Sue and Kendra issue the LIDLESS Challenge to David!
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Holiday Shopping October.... WHAT?!

Prime Day is next week ... so who's ready to start holiday shopping?
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In Honor of National Coffee Day - David Conboy of Karma Coffee on Morning MAGIC!

To celebrate National Coffee Day we talked to one local coffee shop owner!
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Getting To Know You: David's Spice Rack!

How many spices does David have in his kitchen cabinet???
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