Dr Ginter

Dr. Heidi Ginter, Chief Medical Officer at the Danvers/Westminster Recovery Centers of America on Exceptional Women!

Sue talked with Dr. Heidi Ginter of the Recovery Centers of America!
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Is It Ever "Too Hot For The Beach?"

Could it ever be TOO HOT to be at the beach??
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A Tale Of Two Davids....

Our David ran into another very famous David at Target ...
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"Sally" The Salad Bar Vending Machine Could Be Coming ....

Would you order salad from a vending machine??
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Sue And Kendra Discovered That When David Goes Running.... He Brings EVERYTHING WITH HIM.

When David goes running in his neighborhood.... it's like he's prepping to climb Mt Everest.
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Sue Tries To Explain "The Barn Of Fun" To David and Kendra...

Vacations we took as kids... were a little different.
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We All Have "A Type" ... Don't We?

Tall, short, funny, muscles, hair/no hair????
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The Carters Have Been Married For 74 Years .... 74 Years.......... 74 Years!!!!

What is the secret?? Seriously!
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On Todays Segment Of.... "Thats Not Where That Goes!"

Who is in charge of "where things go" in your house?
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Apparently Kids Have A New Hand Gesture For "I'm On The Phone"

How do you signal that you're on the phone? I bet your kids do it a different way....
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