NESN Anchor Tom Caron Talks Red Sox ....and Beer Day!

Yes he is the anchor on NESN but did you also know Tom is in the Circle of Foam with David?
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Tupperware Wars: Who Ate My Lunch?

When you put your lunch in tupperware, LABELED, in the fridge ... and someone else eats it!
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There Is A Method To Giving A Compliment To A Stranger.....

Its more about HOW you say it ... right?
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Today Is Natl Drink A Beer Day .. But Who Comes Up These "National Days?"

National Drink A Beer Day .... National Daughter Day... Who comes up with these??
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Tamron Hall On Exceptional Women!

Sue talks with Tamron Hall about the 2nd season of her Emmy winning show!
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DAVIOs Owner Steve DiFillippo Talks Dining In And Out!

Steve talks to David, Sue and Kendra about people dining in - and out!
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Sue Is Going On A Girls Weekend....

Sue is having a girls weekend and she needs some recommendations on where to go!
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Meet Gracie, Sues New Puppy!

Yesterday Sue found out which puppy is hers!!!
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David Is The King Of Catchphrases.

If there is an old expression or saying, David will know it and use it.....
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Oh The Funny Chaos That Happens During Zoom And Remote Learning!

Always remember to MUTE YOUR MIC!!!
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