First It Was Hand Sanitizer, Then Toilet Paper... Now There Is A Beach Chair Shortage!

What do hand sanitizer, toilet paper and beach chairs have in common? The 2020 shortage.
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How Did Your Parents Cheap-Out .. I Mean, Save ....On Things?

Did they buy immitation brand clothing? How about Chunk Light Tuna in Oil?
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What Are Some Silver Linings You Found During The Pandemic?

Are you healthier? Are you saving more money?
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New England Aquarium Ceo Vikki Spruill Talks Reopening ... And The Penguins, OF COURSE!

The New England Aquarium Is Pumping In Crowd Noises For The Penguins!
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Pure Barre Newburyport Owner Anne McNamera Talks About Reopening ... and Sue Coming Back To Class!

Phase 3 means gyms can open.. but what does that actually LOOK LIKE?
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The Red Tesla Booty Shorts Bet!

Would you wear shorts with "S3XY" written on the butt?
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Oh, The People Who Put Stickers On Their Car...

Any guesses as to which one of the Morning MAGIC crew has stickers on their car?
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Can I Use Your Bathroom???

Do you feel OK letting friends use your bathroom?
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Apparently A Lot Of Us Wake Up 10 Minutes Before "Work From Home" Begins!

Waking up 10 minutes before you "start working from home?" - Yeah, you're not alone.
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Kanye West Says He's Running For President.....

Getting on the ballot won't be Yeezy.......
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