Listener Chris Wins The Morning MAGIC Fall Decor Challenge!

We named the winner of our Morning MAGIC Fall Decor Challenge!
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When To Turn The Heat On In Your House....

Do you wait until its below freezing outside... or until Thanksgiving?
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Morning MAGIC Fall Decorating Challenge!

Fall decorations are UP... but according to Sue, there are rules.
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Executive Director of Bread of Life Malden Gabriella Snyder Stelmack on Exceptional Women!

Kendra talked with the Executive Director of Bread of Life Malden!
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David Has To Fast Before Bloodwork Which Means All He Wants Is Food!

Sue promised to take David to lunch so now he wants to eat EVERYTHING!!
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Back To School Clothes.... From The Waist Up?

Back to school shopping may be a bit different this year... only from the waist up?
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Kendra's Kids Are Back To School And Remote!

Kendra checked in on what BACK TO SCHOOL looks like for her kids!
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Jay From Lookout Farm Talks Apple Picking Season!

Jay Mofenson from Lookout Farm in Natick Talks Apple Picking Season!
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Sending Food Back In A Restaurant... Do You Do It??

Sue didnt like the way her Cosmo tasted... Does she send it back?
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Sue Forgot Her Lunch... So She's Eating Davids Cookies For Breakfast!

When you forget your lunch but remember that your coworker made cookies!
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